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Advanced Trees

Advanced Trees for Landscape Gardening


Grown in-ground from small locally sourced tube stock, our advanced trees are skillfully excavated for sale when plants are between 4-6 metres tall for the commercial and residential market.

Planting of native established trees in urban development landscaping has gained popularity and approval due to the trees’ hardiness and longevity as well as their aesthetic appeal.

Excavation of trees is done using a specially designed tree spade which takes the tree out of the ground with 1 metre wide root ball weighing approximately 1 ton.

This is placed in burlapping in cages ready for transport.

For any inquires or more information about transport please contact us us via
our contact page.

Araucaria cunninghamiana or “Hoop Pine”

Araucaria cunninghamii is a symmetrical, cone-shaped tree that grows up to 60 m in height and gets its common name from the outer layer of bark which forms scale-like horizontal hoops. The branches are whorled and the leaves are
very fine and pointy. It is a slow-growing plant that can live for up to 450 years. Because of its adaptability to a variety
of conditions.
Available Trees: Very Good: 14 Good: 84


View Specs: Hoop Pine

Ficus hillii or “Hills Fig”

Does well in urban situations where conditions limit development of other trees. Often seen clipped as a smart ball-shaped topiary with a rich green shiny leaf.


Available Trees: Very Good: 8 Good: 42


View Specs: Hills Fig

Caesalpinia ferrea or “Leopard Tree”

Bright yellow flowers held on the ends of stems, bark is a dappled grey through brown, giving the tree the appearance of a leopard, hence the name. Develops relatively large shiny seed pods


Available Trees: Very Good: 9


View Specs: Leopard Tree

Cupianiopsis anacardiodes or “Tuckeroo”

A hardy rainforest tree with non spreading roots, greyish white and inconspicuous flowers followed by orange berries. Streetscape or specimen tree.

This is a great all round evergreen tree, with flushes of bright glowing new growth through Spring and Summer. A medium sized tree ranging between 8-15m tall at maturity it forms a dense rounded shape and offers a lovely shade solution for gardens.


Available Trees: Very Good: 19 – Good: 59


View Specs: Tuckeroo

Agathis Robusta or “Qld Kauri Pine”

Magnificent feature tree for larger gardens. It has a tall trunk and large crown. Its grey-green leathery leaves are
very attractive.

The Queensland kauri is an Australian native softwood with a fine even texture, pale cream to light or pinkish brown heartwood and a straight grain.


Available Trees: Very Good: 8 – Good: 42


View Specs: Qld Kauri Pine

Eleocarpus eumundi or “Eumundi Quandong”

A medium to large evergreen 5m plus has a dense crown of attractive green glossy foliage with red new growth. Suitable for feature hedge or canopy component of a tropical garden. During late spring to early summer the tree bears clusters of sweetly scented cream flowers.


Available Trees: Very Good: 12 – Good: 55


View Specs: Eumundi Quandong

Brachychiton acerifolius or “Flame Tree”

This tree grows to 35 m and loses its leaves in the dry season. The vibrant flowers are bell-shaped and bright coral red. They appear in spring on leafless branches. The dark seed pod contains numerous seeds embedded in interlocking hairs in a honeycomb-like husk.


Available Trees: Very Good: 3


View Specs: Flame Tree

Brachychiton rupestris or “QLD Bottle Tree”

Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree has a swollen bottle like trunk. The insignificant flowers followed by small interesting boat like pods. A very attractive specimen tree or useful indoor plant. This is the QLD bottle tree and is very similar in the way it looks to the Boab Tree.


Available Trees: Very Good: 3


View Specs: Qld Bottle Tree